by Earthbook

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An imperfect album for an imperfect world. Mixed through my old four track and recorded in my parent's basement. Live guitar and vocal backbone with added backups and bass, minimal post manipulation, no effects or filters.


released October 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Earthbook Toledo, Ohio

Earthbook is an expression of years spent journaling, traveling, describing, inspecting, & dissecting life on Earth. Combining non-traditional song patterns with the pursuit of artistic & purposeful lyric & poetry writing, Earthbook provides the opportunity to offer personal illustrations of my experiences on Earth; a planet which is encountered incomprehensibly different by each of us. ... more

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Track Name: Ode to Loveland Pass
I awake again on a couch. Arm out of socket. It's forty five degrees out and I have nowhere to go, nowhere to be for hours, no one pushing me out the door, but I cannot sleep and I feel like I should leave.

I eat breakfast in my car. A call to home it breaks my heart. Drive upward to the sky's limit slower than signs permit. Wasting gas on Loveland Pass 'cause I have nowhere to be.

I park my car off the road, start stumbling up a path unknown cause I am trying to hike to heaven's door. I've heard peace there is plentiful. Walking paths off Loveland Pass 'cause I have nowhere to be, 'cause focusing on my footsteps puts my mind at ease.
Track Name: Ode to the Property
I fill my safe with my memories. My gold's underground in the backyard with the dog bone graves and I feel most sane with black powder stains, jean dirt, miles of country, and a bottle of James.

Become a part of the moon and the starts and the wind and the sun or the rain. Become a part of the cold or the smoldering heat or the season's changes. Become a part of the green to the gold to the sky to below to the...

I fill myself with necessity; cold beer, bullets and gallons of gasoline. Pop of the cap to that bottle of Old Grand-dad. Fire up the grill, grab a fishing reel or the keys and go.
Track Name: Ode to Crab Lake
We packed our bags to the breaking point of the fabric, zipper's stitch, and set afloat to find our new home. With the fat sack on my back, a canoe at the start of the path, we bent our bones over bounders and stones.

Crab Lake, a mysterious wilderness place. reserved for those who accept and last the pain. Crab Lake, a never-ending wilderness place. Six hours to and from the great Crab Lake.

When we made it to the beach I could pour water over my teeth and rejoice that rest was finally in reach, but when Crab Lake hit aluminum it was clear there's no land to call our own. We'd pummel her face for hours in search of some.

Crab Lake, a torturous wilderness place. reserved for those who accept and last the pain. Crab Lake, an unforgiving wilderness place. Six hours to and from the great Crab Lake.

We finally found relief from our packs and the blowing breeze when we set up camp as the moon became the star. The next morning we woke, cooked breakfast over campfire smoke and knew all we saw was ours.

Crab Lake, a wonderful wilderness place.