Odes 2​.​0

by Earthbook

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Recorded live in my living room with a free audio editing program. Minimal post manipulation. No effects or filters. Guitar and lead vocal were recorded live into a single track, backup vocals (Kyla Gorey) and second guitar tracks were added afterwards.


released February 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Earthbook Toledo, Ohio

Earthbook is an expression of years spent journaling, traveling, describing, inspecting, & dissecting life on Earth. Combining non-traditional song patterns with the pursuit of artistic & purposeful lyric & poetry writing, Earthbook provides the opportunity to offer personal illustrations of my experiences on Earth; a planet which is encountered incomprehensibly different by each of us. ... more

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Track Name: Ode to the Road
Pack the car with clothes and whiskey. I’m gonna drive far and I’m taking you with me. Where we’re gonna go has yet to be determined. We’ll drive this car all night. We’ll sleep when we've earned it. In the car we may dream of a bed, but we’ll fold down the seats and squeeze in the back instead. Pack the car with peanut butter and bread. The more we eat the less we spend. Then spend all that we saved on drinks for friends: Whiskey currency for fun and beer donations for couch beds. Pack the car with such fond memories.
Track Name: Ode to the Sky Horse
I’m waitin' on the train to arrive at the Grand street station in China town. Bus aisle sleep achieved by Kroger NyQuil cheats my day out of a napping hour. A fifty dollar ticket last minute gets me to NYC faster than I could have driven. It couldn't be safe, but I can’t complain: I’m alive. And sometime next week I’ll be back on the horse to Ohio. Unannounced stops with mystery goods, and fifteen in PA to stretch and buy food. I was picked up thirty minutes late on the side of the road in Columbus then it was pedal to the floor ‘til New York. At nine A.M it is finished. I stumble off of the bus and onto sidewalk in the city leading to dollar dumplings and rendezvous. I've arrived and sometime next week I’ll be back on the horse to Ohio.
Track Name: Ode to Molly the Dog
I called your name and you didn't come home, but recently I know you've been a little slow, but I called your name and you didn't come home when usually you’d be yelpin' at the back door. She was black as night with brown spots 'til her spots turned white. When she got older she was not quite right; leaving us surprises every day and night. Today I called her name and she didn't come home. I know she’s out back eating a bone buried by some dog thirty years ago; buried by some dog years ago. I called her name and she didn't come home. It’s the first time in fifteen years or so.