Miles. Chapters. Days.

by Earthbook

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Recorded live in my living room with a free audio editing program. Minimal post manipulation. No effects or filters. Guitar and lead vocal were recorded live into a single track, backup vocals (Kyla Gorey) and second guitar tracks were added afterwards.


released February 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Earthbook Toledo, Ohio

Earthbook is an expression of years spent journaling, traveling, describing, inspecting, & dissecting life on Earth. Combining non-traditional song patterns with the pursuit of artistic & purposeful lyric & poetry writing, Earthbook provides the opportunity to offer personal illustrations of my experiences on Earth; a planet which is encountered incomprehensibly different by each of us. ... more

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Track Name: Chasing Snakes
Growing up when I was young I walked in the woods; past the dogs and past the barn and past the holes I dug for fun. I walked under branches of leaves; green with black rest-in-peace leaves beneath my feet. Bark brown and red, yellow-orange accents, insects, thick necks, expanding heads. We know there’s life in the trees, but we keep staring at our feet; chasing snakes. I've been told to watch for life on the ground without my head in the clouds; chasing snakes.
Track Name: Letters. Numbers. Words.
It’s two days until this year’s end; the death of days. Calendar spaces left blank will forever sit patient; waiting for ink to claim them: proof that maybe something made them, evidence that maybe they were not wasted. I've been looking for a reason to pick up my pen: this is not one of them. Scribed in ink are day labels, false hope and preplanned movements. We live for pronunciation and unscripted moments. We live for the expression of the characters forever.
Track Name: Ludlow
Three hours south. Aching bones. Trying to breathe life back into flat decomposed flesh: Begging for a fresh start, begging for perfect timing. Newspaper placemat separates sticky from skin. Coffee breath on an empty chair; Farewell perfect timing. Reality is checking my sources; Red pen.
Track Name: Snapshot
When seasons change I think of yesterday. Nostalgic feelings surface from everything: from scents of flowers to the sound of mosquito wings. As time goes by I must make room for memories so I let 'em go. I let some go. I let 'em go for space to predict my future, determine my fate, but reading palms and crystal balls, counting stars and playing tarot cards or Ouija boards, decoding spirit orbs and ghost voice recordings won’t uncover anything so I let them go.
We can’t horse collar the Earth that’s spinning.
We can’t delay the ones who are leaving.
We can’t foresee the joys of oncoming blessings.
We can’t predict the days that will be most interesting.
We can’t underline the moments that will stay with us indefinitely.
We can’t identify the senses that will forever affect us directly.
Track Name: Riding Bikes in the Rain in Toledo, Ohio
Pull wheels from the wall. Take your last sips of alcohol. Open streets, dampened seats, circle feet. Don’t wait for a hand to turn into a man. Green, red, (&) yellow peace: There’s only three; three in the street with circle feet. Circle feet. Woodruff. Madison. Superior. Jefferson. Broadway. Michigan. Summit. Adams. The Old West End. Details in the wake: The image stays. The feeling stains. Exploring games in October rain.
Track Name: Moving Zack to Germany
Turn the dial red and let the waves come in. Crack the windows; let it circle over my nose: powdered pink with the season. Purple footprints from the sun marching on.
Engine heat on cold feet, sore seat, cramping knees. I've been drifting from Toledo, Pioneer, Chicago to Milwaukee. Ice cream, fall grilling, Vietnamese, dark bars, highway speeds. Now from lower Wisconsin to Ohio alone I float east. Gas station corn dogs and coffee, new memories, toll road fees. Now I’m center-state Indiana with all my friends in the states surrounding. Our lives developing; it seems were not as young as we hoped to be. We maybe thought it’d be different, but early winter heat feels the same on my feet.